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Azoren - op 1.360 km van Portugal

Nine emerald islands, ranging from the smallest - Corvo with 300 inhabitants to San Miguel with 150.000 inhabitants, warmed by the Gulf Stream and surrounded by an ocean teeming with life. All islands are within easy reach from each other in a day’s trip. The Unesco has declared the beautiful town Angra do Heroismo on Terceira a cultural heritage. On San Miguel are the Blue and Green Lagoons in a huge extinct volcano cone. Santa Maria with its dazzling exotic flora is another huge flowery garden. On Faial is Peter Café Sport, one of the most famous sailors’ bar anywhere on the planet. The beauty of the Azores is endless. No mass tourism spoils any of the islands.

You can chose between going into the ports or marinas and exploring the islands or staying out for a beautiful night sail under the stars in a fluorescent sea, caused by bioluminescent algae. Islandhopping on the Azores is pleasant sailing.


From June onwards you can expect air temperatures between 24° and 28°, water temperatures 22° - 25°.

Door de ligging in een atmosferisch hoge druk gebied en door de Golstroom is het klimaat hier bijna altijd zacht en aangenaam afgewisseld met stevige buien. De grote vochtigheid op de Azoren heeft als bijkomstigheid dat het een schitterde groene eilandengroep is.

You can see the next island when you take off in the morning. After a beautiful days cruise you arrive on a new island to explore.

Yes, there are whales there, but the right expression should be sea watching; whales, birds, dolphins, turtles, bonitos and sunfish. Normally you can every day expect dolphins coming up to the boat for a visit. Tuna and Bonitos sometimes follow the boat for days on end. In calm conditions you can go for a swim from the boat. A strange feeling, swimming in the ocean, knowing there are several thousand meters of water below you.

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